Scion: trails of blood

Trails of blood: Murder scenes

time line

Day 1: weds

00:00 time of death of 7 young people (2 white male, 1 black male, 3 white female, 1 black female) the oldest was 19, the youngest 15.

07:00 – 09:30 body of a young lady found in atrium of insurance building. head of young man found attached to the lift roof with 2 spikes. head had an indigo gauze wrapped over the stump, which was leaking dye.

07:30 – 12:00 additional bodies found scattered around the city all with heads severed.

09:00 – 16:00 Pc’s visit each scene in turn. they are unable to enter each scene except as a group, and find they cannot return once they have left a scene or leave a scene during the early part of their investigation of the scene. Local occult specialists are called in and a recommendation for James Werner (a local voodun practitioner) is offered. James (and the various officers) all seem immune to the travelling limitations applying to the Player Characters.

16:30 at the final crime-scene the force that is preventing the pc’s leaving seems to have expanded in strength, nobody can leave the area and by the time the PC’s arrive it is almost impossible to find and view the body. Players find an entry to the sewers is their only escape, where a trail of cleared sewer tunnels lead to an eighth victim. A young girl (about 16) is cowering in the corner of a junction, bleeding from wounds in her hands and neck. She is heavily traumatised, but survives with emergency medical treatment.

the ghost of the last victim (whose body is in the square above) is here, and describes a group of priests who performed the murders and forced this final victim to take the blood of the others into her body.

17:00 All the PC’s finally get out of the sewers, complete reports to the police, and medics and are allowed to go home, having shared details.

Day 3:

13:45 autopsy reports reveal that the victims were dead before the heads were removed, and that all victims share a rare blood type with the PC’s. the information gathered suggest that the victims were gathered from Canada and the states and bought into the town to be killed.the survivor is in social care at the moment.



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