Scion: trails of blood

Trails of Blood: Nightime Reclaiming

Time Line

Day 4: 23:45 pm players all have dreams and visitations from their parents

Noels Character visited by Vidar by being pulled into a snow covered wasteland. Vidar expressed his disappointment in the life choices made and instructed him to protect his sisters and his cousins. he was also informed that the nausea of separation from the ther scions has been revoked as Vidar no longer feels it nessasary.

Andrus Character was pulled into a dream realm of the temple of Bast where he was escorted to an audience with the goddess. She informed his that the Aztecs have seceded and are attempting to hide from the titan war instead of fighting it.

Sharons Character was given a dream vision of hades before being awoken by Hades himself, with a cup of coffee. He told her to look in the mirror and listen to his servants.

00:15 Andrus Character attempts to Call Sharons Character



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