Scion: trails of blood

Trails of Blood - Storm Warning

Time Line

Day 5

00:30 Matthew gets a knock on the door; he is awake due to his divine visitation. its a young woman with mousey brown hair shading to blond in various places. shes wearing tattered night wear, and has the glow of a scion of the aesir

Hi – our Dad said you could look after me? Matthew lets her in, hands her a coffee and offers her a shower and a change of clothes, all of which she accepts.

00:45 Then he calls Jennifer Colsone who get the details, calls Adin Parker and they both head around to Matthew, travelling together.

01:00 Jennifer Colsone and Adin Parker are forced to divert around a police baricade outside a foster home.

01:15 Jennifer Colsone and Adin Parker arrive at the home of Matthew and hear his young half sister in the shower.

01:45 during the explanations and comparisons Jennifer Colsone calls Detective Jones regarding the disturbance, and shortly after he calls her back. her team is required at a crime scene at the address of the police barricades earlier.

02:00 The scions arrive at the scene to discover the the survivor from a few days before has been killed, in her room. the heads neck stump has been covered in a rainbow patterned scarf. investigation of the scene finds numerous little carvings and patterns, the most important being a series of “blood Drops” carved into the road and leading over a mile from the house. Each “drop” had a small amount of blood dropped into in, which basic tests show to be the blood of the victim.

03:45 scions have been taken to the police station and interrogated for clues and suspicions. Jameswas called in and asked about several different incidents and grew nervous. he fled the station at 5:30, and all trace of him was removed from the building.

04:00 – 05:30 further questioning, theorising and the further calling in of a new expert resulted in little progress so the scions attempted to go home. James and a number of his priests had surrounded the building and incapacitated all the non-scions in the area. a short firefight ended with james running away and 2 of his priests being killed. The remaining 4 priests are in custody.

05:45 short term arrests made while videos of the fight are checked, then scions released and aallowed to go home, No charges due to self defence.



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